Custom Profile Pictures

Move on from the ordinary!

Profile pictures, About us images and even Avatars have become so dull!  All we ever see now are cheesey studio photos of staff memebers all polished and shiny.

So how about standing out from the rest of the people in the ccrowd.

An original illustration adds that something special to show that you are not like all the rest.  Hand drawn or painted profile pictures will definitely be remembered from the rest of the pedestrian shots you see everywhere.  These are not just ordinary photos processed through some Photoshop filter.  They are hand drawn by Pete Rowe - an accomplished and highly experienced professional illustrator.

Provide good reference material and Pete will create a unique individual piece of art that could not be replicated.

The examples below are drawn and painted from the sort of cheesy images most big companies have on their profiles, but you can take your own photos that really show the character of your staff.  Pete will catch those features and draw you a superb digital version you can use wherever you want.   You will even be able to get them printed up for the boardroom!

Move from the ordinary and get a custom hand drawn image.  It'll make you stand out from the rest!

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ACA Cartoonists Association


Qualified Trainer & Assessor

  • Fun and Funky
    Hand painted digital watercolour
  • $120 per image
  • Digitally painted by hand on a tablet using watercolour brushes.
  • Format Supplied as web optimised Jpeg.
  • Sharp and Lively
    Digitally drawn pencil rendering
  • $240 per image
  • Digitally drawn by hand on a tablet using coloured pencils.
  • Format Supplied as web optimised Jpeg.
  • Seriously Slick
    Superrealism pencil and smudge
  • $420 per image
  • Hand drawn with digital pencils and smudge stick
  • Format Supplied as web optimised Jpeg.