Pete Rowe is an accomplished and well published cartoonist.  His cartoons have been used in newspapers, advertising campaigns, logos, magazine covers and product packaging.

Such is the versatility in style and approach of the cartoons, they can be used successfully across a very broad range of applications to achieve the impact and effect required.

The power of cartoon should never be underestimated.  There is no doubt, that a well drawn and rendered cartoon will attract attention – no matter what age the beholder!

We are all, without exception, attracted to a cartoon drawing.  In the right hands, a professionally crafted cartoon will have enormous cut-through and capture attention faster than any other medium.

Take a look at some of the images below to see the range of styles and applications.  Click on an image to enlarge.


"Funny you should say that"

A series of Pete Rowe cartoons that illustrate proverbs and sayings.

"Funny You Should Say That".  Cartoon series that take a comical look at some memorable proverbs and sayings, by Pete Rowe.





Caricatures are a unique and highly regarded form of art.  No two artists are likely to present their subject in the same way.  Professionally and accurately presented, a caricature is a singular snapshot that captures the look, feel and often the attitude of its subject.

Pete Rowe is a master of this art and the examples shown here reflect his perceptive insight and skills at capturing the distinctive nature of his subject.

Caricatures are more than just fun, of course.  As a one-off work of art, they are a unique and personal treasure, often taking pride of place in the boardrooms and offices of the corporate world and beyond.

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