They say "a picture paints a thousand words" and that proves to be a very pertinent saying.

Photography is an incredibly powerful graphic device when used to portray a message, but sometimes a photo cannot convey the precise 'feel' needed to illustrate a subject.From the small sample images depicted on this page, you will see that the wide diversity of styles offered by Pete Rowe, can lift your marketing material high above your competitor's messages.

Professionally crafted illustrations breathe life into marketing graphics.  They give your message personality and originality that other types of graphics simply cannot.Pete Rowe's talents have been used to illustrate everything including book covers, magazine articles, packaging, posters, book illustrations, advertising, technical manuals and brochures.

To produce something unique in this day and age of online templates . . . Pete combines over 30 years of graphic and web design experience to his icons, banners and digital graphics.  His clients have usually benefited from the diverse illustration techniques that Pete turns his hand to, as an included bonus to his service!

Ensure your business, service or product stands out from the crowd with an original illustration that will be created just for you, by one of the industry's most versatile illustrators.

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The Diagram Man

Illustrations for manuals, technical spec sheets, instruction leaflets, educational publications and more.

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Qualified Trainer & Assessor

Art Deco drawing of a lady